Coastline Chronicles

Coastline Chronicles: Christmas Miracles


Sherona came to Coastline with an envelope of cash to pay for her abortion. She stated ‘The day I stepped into the doors of Coastline; Abortion was the only thing on my mind. I had no intention of keeping my baby, but I met some angels that changed my life forever!”. Sherona said God sent her to Coastline. She said the visit changed her life in so many ways. “I attempted to hand my counselor money to pay for my abortion, but at the end of my counseling session, abortion was not even on my mind, all I wanted to do was see my beautiful baby girl. I decided to carry my child”.

Coastline ChroniclesI felt so attached to my counselor the first time I met her. Her name was Jodi. She told me how much God loved me and He would make a way. She said my baby was a unique gift from God. I heard her words, but I was hearing God’s voice too. She told me the story of the Founder and her abortion and gave me a copy of her book, Shattered into Beautiful. Even after I left, God continued to work in my heart. I knew my counselor was praying for me. She never left my side and she encouraged me to pray too. I was so blessed and found myself growing spiritually”.

“I Instantly loved Sherona!” stated Jodi, the volunteer counselor. ‘There were many circumstances she faced. Circumstances that brought great shame. One of her greatest fears was her parents discovering her pregnancy. So, Sherona and I called them together and gave them the news of a baby on the way. As we talked, I sensed Sherona’s heart softening about her baby. I told her Jesus would be her help and I asked her if she wanted to ask Him into her heart and she said, Yes!” Sherona was no longer bound to shame but filled with joy and freedom.

Jodi stepped in and helped Sherona face all her fears one by one. She loved her well. This is the culture of Coastline Women’s Center. When you enter into a place of love and safety, it makes it much easier to choose life. Our patients find encouragement. They are given the gift of friendship and hope, and they realize they are no longer alone in their circumstances.

Sherona’s message to you:

“Please support Coastline. It is a wonderful place. Their amazing staff helps young women gain a positive perspective on challenges in their life. My experience at Coastline has inspired me to open a pregnancy center in Jamaica. So many have chosen abortion, but with a center like Coastline I feel I could help change and save lives by encouraging them to carry their babies just like me. I encourage you to visit Coastline. It might just change your life too.” ~ Sherona

This is just one of so many wonderful stories from this year. Your giving is so vital for this life-saving ministry. We need your partnership and cannot do it without you. This year, as I was praying God gave me the word “overflow” I saw a vision of so many donations coming in the windows were beginning to lift and gifts began to pour out into the community. The buildings could not contain the gifts from the Lord and His children. I asked the staff to begin to claim this word to the ministry. So it is with great anticipation I end this year asking for an “Overflow” offering. Our hope is generous hearts will pave the way for a great need, which is a larger facility that is all one level. We are projected to see over 600 NEW clients next year. Not only are we growing out of the space, but the steps in our current facilities are difficult for pregnant moms and some of our staff and volunteers to navigate.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas season celebrating The WAY, the TRUTH, and the LIFE! Yes, a baby born to save all mankind. A baby that changed everything! We ask you to prayerfully consider an end-of-year gift to keep this great work moving forward. We are grateful and love each one of you. Your partnership is so valuable and we count it an honor to serve alongside of you and advance the Kingdom.

Coastline Chronicles: Combating Lies with Truth


My only option is to have an abortion. I can have it done and then move on. It’s a common lie the enemy uses with women facing unexpected pregnancies and it was this lie that Rory* had convinced she “needed” an abortion.

After searching online for her options, she thought the free services Coastline offers seemed like a good place to start.

During her visit to the clinic she met with a volunteer advocate who was able to meet her where she was and have a discussion about her faith. Rory was not a believer, but she was open to hearing about God’s plan for her life. She was very interested in hearing more about the pregnancy options information and education we offer.

Coastline Chronicles: Combating Lies with Truth

Rory came back to the clinic for a return appointment for an ultrasound. An ultrasound is offered to our abortion-minded patients to confirm viable pregnancy, and also to give them a glimpse of the precious life that carry. After receiving the ultrasound, Rory chose life for her baby! Through her time here, she also began to feel more equipped and excited to be a mom.

Her comment to us after receiving free services and support was that before coming to the clinic, she had never received education about what having an abortion truly meant. Rory was able to hear truth about abortion and make an educated choice about the outcome of her pregnancy. We praise God for using our Coastline’s team and services to reveal that life-saving truth to her.

*Name changed to protect confidentiality

Coastline Chronicles: Engaging Fathers to Fight for Life


As we celebrate fathers this month, I can’t help but think of Jax, one of Coastline’s male clients who came to us looking for answers a few months ago.

Coastline Chronicles: Engaging Fathers to Fight for LifeJax and his girlfriend, Della, thought they wanted an abortion. They were both young and felt like an abortion would be the simplest and quickest way out of this unexpected pregnancy. However, the more they learned about what happens during an abortion and the long-term emotional effects of an abortion, Jax and Della discovered that it was anything but simple.

During their visit, we learned that they did not know Jesus but we’re open to healing the gospel. Carter was able to share God’s plan for their life and the redemption we can have in Christ. Their hearts were softened in the counseling room, and although they were in a hurry to make a decision, they chose to wait until after the ultrasound was done to schedule an appointment at an abortion clinic.

At their ultrasound appointment, we continued to see God work in their hearts. When Della decided to continue her pregnancy, Jax said that he was excited to be right there alongside her on this journey. We praise the Lord for this couple’s brave decision and this precious little life saved!

Support Dads in Our Community

Engaging, educating, and equipping fathers in the pregnancy decision is one of the greatest ways we can help women choose life. Research from Care Net, an umbrella organization for pregnancy centers, proves that the father of the baby is the most influential voice for life or for abortion.

We’re committed to providing services for men and dads who find themselves in an unexpected pregnancy, empowering them to fight for the life of their baby and support the mother of the baby.

Will you join us in reaching more men and their partners considering abortion? Together, we can help dads protect life and build strong families and marriages in our community.