Our History

At the age of nineteen, I was so excited to be opening up a new chapter in my life. College brought so much more freedom than high school. Life was good and my plans were well on their way. They changed quickly when on a November morning, sitting in class, I began feeling sick. As the sickness continued and more symptoms appeared, a pregnancy test confirmed what I somehow already knew. History was made, I was pregnant!

The nightmare began to sink in. I sat wondering how did I ever get to this place. I felt alone, frightened, and confused. What was I going to do? The unknown overtook me and fear consumed me. I cried and cried some more. I really did not set out to make things difficult in my life, yet it just seemed that they were. My unplanned pregnancy caused me to reevaluate my life.

Because of my pregnancy, I perceived my goals and dreams to be shattered. I saw the mistakes and wanted to start over, but there was just one problem: my circumstances had not changed. I was still pregnant! This was not the plan I had for my life. This was not the dream I had in mind. I wanted to finish school, I wanted a career, I wanted the fairy tale as a little girl I had always dreamed about.

One day a friend stopped by. I confided in her and her response was “Why don’t you just get an abortion? Just call and make an appointment and I will take you. No one has to know.”

Finally, I thought, someone has told me what to do. I pondered the thought. It surely would make my life a whole lot easier. Then I could have the new start I desperately wanted. The next morning, still confused, I called a nearby abortion clinic. An appointment was made. I felt like this was my only option.

Options? What are the options when you are going through something like this? Are there any? Because it seemed I only had one. After my abortion, I entered into a place of great sadness. Why didn’t anyone tell me I would feel like this? Why wasn’t I counseled and educated more? These questions ultimately have led to my dedication to serve women facing similar circumstances. I want to offer them hope when it seems there is none. And for those who have chosen abortion, I want to offer the same help and healing that was once extended to me.

Jeannie Scott Smith, LPTA, Author, Founder and CEO of Coastline Women’s Center, speaks with passion to groups of women on the serious issue of abortion, brokenness, and the path to healing. She is well known for her compassionate heart as a pregnancy center counselor for women facing unplanned pregnancies, and for women who have suffered from the pain of abortion.

Coastline Women’s Center was founded by Jeannie Scott Smith, LPTA, and Carter F. Smith, RN, BSN in 2012 after their own lives and marriage was healed from the pain of abortion. 

Please feel free to reach out to us to talk about your own situation. We would be happy to counsel, listen, and walk you through your options. You are not alone. There is help. Contact us »


Pregnancy & Family Support

Coastline Women’s Center is an organization committed to help men & women at times of unexpected pregnancies. Coastline Women’s Center offers services such as pregnancy tests, peer counseling, sex health education, abortion recovery, parenting & discipleship classes, a teen purity program and more. Coastline Women’s Center does not perform or refer for abortion, but does offer information about RU486 also know as the abortion pill. CWC has two locations; One in Conway, South Carolina & another in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina but serves any man or woman who needs help.

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