Parenting Classes

Earn While You Learn! Coastline Women’s Center offers helpful pregnancy, parenting, life skill or discipleship classes. Under our Earn While You Learn (EWYL) program, you have the opportunity to learn the information and skills you need to be successful in your family life while earning Mommy Money or Daddy Dollars. These are used to purchase items from Abagail's Closet, our baby boutique, which offers baby clothes, and other baby supplies.

The classes covering pregnancy, parenting, and life skills are facilitated through videos, discussion lessons, and homework. We also offer Bible-study discipleship classes for those that would like to grow spiritually.

Some of the Lesson Topics Include:

Extended Life Skills. Avoid stress by learning how to keep house and ensure healthy finances in these classes:

Discipleship Classes 

Our Bible Study and Discipleship classes are designed to take your learning and development a step further in a mature setting.

Our Earn While You Learn (EWYL) classes are geared toward individual and group settings that offer you support, accountability, and lasting friendships.

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Pregnancy & Family Support

Coastline Women’s Center is an organization committed to help men & women at times of unexpected pregnancies. Coastline Women’s Center offers services such as pregnancy tests, peer counseling, sex health education, abortion recovery, parenting & discipleship classes, a teen purity program and more. Coastline Women’s Center does not perform or refer for abortion, but does offer information about RU486 also know as the abortion pill. CWC has two locations; One in Conway, South Carolina & another in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina but serves any man or woman who needs help.

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