Teen Purity Program

Purity is Possible. Coastline Women’s Center has developed a teen purity program called “Lessons On Love,” which encourages you to realize that purity is possible.

Today's teens have not been told the whole truth about the consequences of their choices when it comes to sex! The culture hands them a daily dose of sex through music, television, movies, the Internet, social sites, and texts, while never showing the devastation that sex outside of marriage leaves behind.

With national speaker Pam Stenzel as our guide, teens experience a curriculum filled with great DVD sessions and group discussions that build lasting relationships.

Students love Pam Stenzel because she tells it like it is, no holding back, yet she speaks the truth in LOVE, and in a language they can easily understand.

Lessons include:

Contact us here to learn more about the Teen Purity program.


Pregnancy & Family Support

Coastline Women’s Center is an organization committed to help men & women at times of unexpected pregnancies. Coastline Women’s Center offers services such as pregnancy tests, peer counseling, sex health education, abortion recovery, parenting & discipleship classes, a teen purity program and more. Coastline Women’s Center does not perform or refer for abortion, but does offer information about RU486 also know as the abortion pill. CWC has two locations; One in Conway, South Carolina & another in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina but serves any man or woman who needs help.

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